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12 Million Tokens Sold.


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Token Sale Terms

  • Tokens for sale = 12,000,000
  • Purchase methods accepted = BTC
  • Price: 1 BTC = 3521 Tokens
  • Token Sale period = Nov-30th — Dec-30th
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Future Distribution

  • Created in Genesis block = 20,000,000 tokens
  • Genesis — Year 6 = 40,000,000 tokens
  • Year 6-12 = 20,000,000 tokens
  • Year 12-18 = 10,000,000 tokens
  • Every six year period = Half of previous period
  • Maximum tokens ever to exist = 100,000,000 tokens
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Zen is not another competitor to become digital cash.
We believe that Zen is most valuable as a financial complement to Bitcoin.

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Q3 2016

Idea is Formalized

Adam, Nathan, Ronen, Sharon, and Ash come together. The idea of a UTXO based bounded computation language is formalized.

Q4 2016

Technology stack is chosen

Work begins. Started to work on how we do a cost model for contracts. We choose F* and start work on the contract language. Nathan presents Zen for the first time at the china-israel innovation summit.

Q1 2017

Cost model completed

Start working on an elaborator. Start developing libraries.

Q2 2017

Smart contracts and oracle in C#

Continue developing libraries, begin developing contracts. Integration of ZF*.

Q3 2017


Developing contracts. Testing ZF* builds. Evaluate cost using dependent types and an exported cost function.

Q4 2017


Implementation of:

  • Decentralized multi token UTXO blockchain.
  • Smart contracts with:
    • Formal verification
    • Computational Boundaries
    • Compiled execution
  • Active Contract Set
  • GTK GUI and contract editor
  • Headless client with a terminal user interface
  • Contract explorer
  • Template contract generator
  • Oracle system
  • Electron Crowdsale wallet
  • Token sale

Q1 2018

Release Candidate

We will take our current testnet and enhance its robustness:

  • Refactoring
  • Bitcoin Integration
  • Improve the UX/UI experience:
    • Insert the demo site to the wallet.
    • Create a domain name system and a customized distributed hash table to assist in network.

Q2 2018

Genesis Block

  • Multi hash mining
    • Voting system
    • Non outsourceable proofs + smart contract to assist miner variance.
    • Difficulty discounts?
  • Robust APIs and SDKs
  • Project documentation
  • Work with implementing the use cases of our strategic partners

Q3 2018

Ecosystem building

  • Implementation of multiple use cases and a high speed decentralized exchange
  • Market research
  • Hardware wallet integration
  • Wallet overhaul:
    • We want a multi seed cross platform experience
    • The basis is a USB-C open dime style hardware wallet which can be inserted to a phone or computer.
    • Mobile wallets
    • Cross platform native clients
    • Web wallet
  • Additional template contracts
  • Build a community of open source developers.


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