what is zen Protocol

Zen Protocol is a new type of blockchain, written from scratch in F#, with a contracting language in F*. The design integrates the efficiencies of Bitcoin and the UTXO model, with the programmability of Ethereum and the EVM model. Zen Protocol is focused on creating a platform that will enable people to secure their assets, without needing trusted custodians.

Applications on Zen Protocol can scale further than ever before. Advanced security techniques like formal verification are made natural with our sophisticated tools. By not needing to account for gas there is no need for a VM, smart contracts can be compiled and processed in parallel - resulting in lower costs for the end users.


Creation of financial instruments at a fraction of the cost
Customization of financial instruments to your needs
Unique traditional financial products for low-cap markets

Use Cases

Digital Property

Create digital assets which are secured cryptographically and accessible to a global market over a peer to peer network.

Built in support for tokenizing anything, from shares to CryptoKitties.


Create contracts with visible collateral.

Collateralized assets enable trustless digital agreements without intermediaries.

Custom Derivatives

Zen empowers small and medium actors to create derivatives.

Zen makes it easy to create your own derivatives, which can depend on real-world products and external data. Users can view the underlying logic, creating trust.


Properties of Zen Protocol Read The Docs


Prporties of Zen Protocol


Trustless assets give you complete control. You don’t need to rely on third parties: your assets are backed by collateral, and linked to contracts that execute automatically when their terms are met.


Do business with confidence, knowing your contracts will execute exactly as agreed. Zen Protocol is designed for superior security. Develop applications with advanced security and formal verification.

Integrate with
External Data

Reduce uncertainty and integrate your contracts with real-world data. Oracles gather and react to events including stock market fluctuations, currency pairs, index movements and more.


You have direct control over your assets and the contract infrastructure, with no need for third-party intermediaries to create security. No intermediaries means less red tape.

Want to build on Zen Protocol?

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