Zen Protocol gives you control over your own financial assets.
It’s a trading floor, a broker, and a tool for making new instruments, all on a parallel blockchain that connects to Bitcoin.

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Finance in your hands

Just as Bitcoin is designed as peer-to-peer money, Zen Protocol is designed for peer-to-peer trade, giving you total control over your financial assets. Zen is built from the ground up to help developers write fast, scalable and reliable smart contracts. Our language, ZF*, makes advanced security techniques like formal verification natural to use. Contracts can also react to events on the Bitcoin blockchain – meaning that Bitcoiners can use Zen’s financial system without third parties or intermediaries.


Decentralized trust

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Smart contracts hold escrow and enforce agreements. The powerful ZF* language makes it easier to write secure contracts with proven capabilities. Zen contracts compile to run at native app speed.

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Use tokens to represent valuable rights. Contracts can understand any token – connect them with oracles to create new, automatically hedged asset types.

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Oracles make contracts meaningful and useful by connecting them to events that happen in the real world. Zen’s oracles are efficient, profitable, and highly scalable.

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The Zen Protocol rewards miners for including Bitcoin block headers. Zen nodes watch the Bitcoin network, and reach consensus on which blocks are in Bitcoin’s longest valid chain. Zen can also be merge-mined with Bitcoin—which makes Zen’s consensus about Bitcoin even stronger.

Zen’s merged consensus with Bitcoin gives smart contracts secure, always-on access to any transaction in Bitcoin’s blockchain. Zen lets you turn any smart contract into a Bitcoin smart contract.

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Btc integration


Zen Protocol uses Proof of Work mining to secure its ledger. Miners can choose from several different hash functions — each function has its own difficulty. Zen token holders can vote to alter the mix of hash functions, gradually making some functions easier at the expense of others.

Multihash mining gives miners rapid customer feedback, and reduces miner centralization. It is a solution for PoW that aligns the interests of all participants in Zen.

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Multi hash


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